Used Gear

Ruehling Associates Inc. has a knack for keeping up

with the latest and best lighting gear on the planet!

Used gear from Ruehling AssociatesThis means that we frequently offer Well Maintained Used Gear and Misc. Items for sale.

DOWNLOAD THE LATEST LIST of gear that we have for sale, and CONTACT US with any questions you may have about any of the items for sale.


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What's New?

Training events coming soon to Ruehling Associates!

Check the Training Page for more information and pre-registration forms.

Stop in and check out the latest gear from High End Systems - awesome cool new toys just in time for the summer concert season!


Testimonial from Steve:

- Ron has saved my butt more than once. I've even had to resort to calling him well after hours, but he's the consummate showman and always delivers the goods!

Testimonial from Joe:

- Ron and the crew are the best!  They always have you covered - even if you need something uploaded immediately (like a backup of the show file you just trashed...).

No need to look elsewhere for a turn-key lighting rig that exceeded my expectations!